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Bridal Bliss: After First Meeting At Caribana, Jackeline and Frederick Met At The Altar For A Perfect Potomac Wedding
Carletta Girma

For Jackeline and Frederick, it all started with a body roll and ended with them becoming husband and wife.

The two met in 2018. While showcasing their moves at a Caribana dance party in Toronto, their eyes met and the spark was immediate. “I thought she was the one when I first saw her,” he tells ESSENCE. “But, it was a combination of things that I noticed each day, beautiful things. Then I searched her eyes one day while she was looking at me, and I just knew.”

When Jackeline and Frederick started dating, they were in a long-distance relationship. He lived in Harlem and she lived in Maryland. But that did not stop them from truly connecting and falling in love with each other. For Jackeline, it was a not-so-solo shopping trip to HomeGoods when she realized Frederick was the one for her. Without her knowing, he called the store ahead of her arrival to ensure that someone helped her get what she was looking for even when he was miles and miles away. “He’s been calming my anxieties and saving the day for me ever since,” she says.

On August 31, 2020, Jackeline and Frederick were celebrating their second anniversary by doing dinner at the Baltimore Harbor. To make more memories, Frederick asked the waitress to take pictures of them. As solo pictures were being taken of Jackeline, she was surprised by Frederick behind her on one knee, with a ring in his hand, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. I’m sure you can guess what her answer was.

As they moved forward to plan the big day, it was a team effort for the couple. “Fred and I worked together from the very beginning to bring our shared vision to life,” she says. With a touch of both of their individual style in mind, including earthy vibes for him and glam for her, the two chose the Potomac Point Vineyard & Winery as the perfect place to say “I do.” Surrounded by family and friends, on November 2, 2021, Jackeline and Frederick celebrated their love.

“What we have is a ‘revolutionary love’ because I believe a love like ours is big and bold, and defies what the world has told us love can be,” she says. “We hope to continue building a family that’s rooted in faith, joy, and love and creating a life that feels easy and peaceful.”

You can see how revolutionary Jackeline and Frederick’s love is through the photos from their big day, taken by Carletta Girma. Learn more about their celebration in this week’s Bridal Bliss.


Photographer: Carletta Girma

Makeup: Shannon Cosby

Hair: Jackie Cyrille

Florist: Poppy Flowers

Venue & Catering: Potomac Point Vineyard & Winery

Wedding Planner: Sophie L. Barry

Cake Designer: Edibles Incredible Desserts

Officiant: Pastor Lawrence Kirby 

Entertainment: DJ AA Rock & Zezeh Brazil Dance Troupe


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