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KANPUR: A bride refused to marry her groom on the wedding day for being bald. The incident occurred in the Bharthana area of the Etawah district on Wednesday night.
The groom, Ajay Kumar, a resident of Bidhuna town of Auraiya district had to return home without getting married.
On the said date, Feb 23, Ajay, traveled along with other `baratis’ (members of groom sides) from Auraiya’s Bidhuna town to Bharthana area of Etawah.The `barat’ (marriage procession) reached the marriage lawn located in Uddetpur village of Etawah’s Usrahar area.
The garland-exchange was also done but the disaster struck, when the bride noticed that the groom was getting extra cautious and repeatedly adjusting his traditional headgear.
On this, someone told her that the groom was actually bald and had put a wig on his head.
When the bride looked at the groom carefully on the information that there was fake hair on his head, it turned out to be true.
Seeing the groom not having hair and wearing a wig, the bride fainted and fell on the stage. Later, when she gained consciousness, she refused to marry the groom, although family members toiled hard to convince her.
According to guests, the bride said she will not marry a bald guy at any cost.When the groom’s side objected to this, a fight broke out between the two sides.
However, the elders intervened and pacified the matter. The girl’s side accused the groom’s side of cheating. After this, the bride’s family left the guest house and went home with the bride.
The groom and the procession also went back empty handed. However, before leaving for their native place, the groom’s family reached the Usrahar police station and made a complaint in this regard.
The girl’s family too lodged a complaint at the police station accusing the groom and his parents of cheating them.
Police station in-charge Gangadas Gautam told media that the bride is not ready for marriage after seeing the wig on the groom’s head.
Both the bride and groom sides had lodged a complaint, he said further, adding, “But, later both the parties withdrew their respective complaints and sorted out the issue at their level.”

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