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When it comes to a bride’s wedding reception, every detail is planned out down to the food everyone is eating, beverages everyone is getting served and music the guests are hearing.

One bride-to-be vented that she was frustrated after her wedding venue changed their rules at the last minute, which altered her beverage menu.

The woman took to Mumsnet explaining that she received an email from the venue that they have banned red wine from being served, which prompted the bride-to-be to seek legal advice.

“Getting married this summer. Reception venue is stately home-type place which is open to the public but also does weddings, has done successfully for years,” the woman wrote. “Top listed wedding venue in various magazines etc. and very good reviews. So – not some shady outfit.”

She then explained that she received an email from the venue “out of the blue” indicating that “due to several incidents at recent events” effectively immediately they “will no longer be serving red wine at all.”

But don’t worry, we’ll just swap that out for rosé in your drinks package,” the email allegedly stated.

The woman noted that she was extremely frustrated due to the fact her mother only drinks red wine, and other family members in attendance prefer red wine as well.

“We planned to have beef as a main,” she wrote as an argument in that beef pairs well with red wine and would throw off the entire menu if the venue didn’t serve it.

“Totally unacceptable, right? They appear to be relying on some woolly [vague] clause in the contract around ‘it’s a historic building, changes may need to be made to your wedding plan that are out of our control due to operational reasons’ etc.,” she continued.

She added that she was considering getting another venue and “trying to claim money back through small claims [court].”

“My mom can’t not have an alcoholic drink at my wedding. Sorry I’m ranting and probably not being very rational,” she concluded her post.

Users surprisingly sided with the venue, noting the bride-to-be was overreacting to the change.

“It’s really not that big a deal. Anyone can cope for a day without red wine, or without an alcoholic drink,” one person wrote, while another commented: “Erm you’re overreacting. Yes it’s a bit disappointing if red wine is a favorite drink for some people but other drinks are available!”

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