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Warning: Spoilers for Trying‘s Season 3 finale ahead.

Since Apple TV+‘s charming comedy Trying started streaming in 2020 I haven’t made it through a single episode without at least tearing up. Between wholesome characters, soul-stirring music, and touching closing montages, the show always finds a way to tug at my heartstrings. But I set a new personal waterworks record while watching Trying‘s Season 3 finale, which dropped on September 2.

The sweet series follows a British couple, Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), who desperately want a baby. Their fertility issues inspire them to pursue adoption, and though the challenging process takes a toll, Season 2 ends with them finally taking siblings Princess (Eden Togwell) and Tyler (Mickey McAnulty) home for temporary care. Season 3 shows the four finding their groove as a family unit, but when Princess and Tyler’s biological grandmother Bev (Clare Higgins) threatens to take the kids, Nikki and Jason have to fight to keep their perfectly imperfect family together.

Season 3, Episode 8, “The End of the Beginning,” opens on a framed photo of the precious foursome smiling, then pans to Jason and Nikki at the kitchen table. Jason is reading the statement Bev intends to share at their upcoming court hearing, and it ends with, “In conclusion, I do not believe that Nikki and Jason are the correct match for Princess and Tyler.”

In true Trying fashion, the couple tries to stay positive, but they both think they’re about to lose the kids, so Nikki gets real. “Three months ago I thought we were gonna get the kids. I thought we were gonna get married. I thought we were gonna live in this flat. And now?” she says. “I just really had a vision, you know, of the kids being there.”

Jason opens a cabinet and casually says, “Let’s do it.” When Nikki expresses confusion, he continues, “Let’s get married.” Jason explains that he wants to get married today, while they still have the kids. A stunned Nikki agrees, and as gentle Trying tunes swell, she hops into Jason’s arms to celebrate. In case there was any doubt, this scene kicked off my first sob sesh of the episode. Little did I know, my eyes would be in sprinkler mode for the next 30 minutes.

Jason and Nikki race upstairs to wake the kids, and Nikki asks if they’re feeling a little bit crazy. They say no, so she leaves the room, only to pop back in and scream, “IT’S JUST CAUSE WE WANT TO GET MARRIED TODAY!” The kids cheer and Jason hangs up the phone with good news. A random couple — Emily and Paul — broke up, so they can get married at 1:30 p.m. ahead of their life-changing 3:30 p.m court case. With Princess in charge of outfits and Tyler in charge of food, the four go shopping for flowers and race to plan a wedding in a few hours.

Esther Smith in 'Trying'
Photo: Apple TV+

After flowers, the kids go off with their grandpa, and Nikki closes her eyes and tells Jason it’s bad luck to see each other. She goes to Karen’s (Sian Brooke) house in search of something borrowed, blue, old, and new. Scott (Darren Boyd) gifts her an original poem partially plagiarized by John Keats (something borrowed) and Karen asks her to be her baby’s godmother before giving her a sonogram photo (something new). Yep! You guessed it! I’m a blubbering baby.

Jason and Freddy (Oliver Chris) go ring shopping even though Nikki said not to worry about it, and reformed asshole Freddy, offers to loan him the money. TEARS! Jason and Nikki meet up before the ceremony and pull a Ted Lasso by hiring a busker off the street. They sprint to the venue where their friends and family are waiting, but when Jason’s dad walks in dressed like a wizard, they realize Princess took their outfits to a whole other level. Instead of a wedding dress and tux, they emerge as a princess and a knight. Jason describes the wardrobe as “just on the right side of quirky,” but then they realize their wedding venue is covered in forest decor and taxidermy owls, courtesy of Paul and Emily.

Nikki’s dad walks her down the aisle to an electric guitar rendition of “Bridal Chorus” and we glimpse Princess and Tyler dressed as a flower and a giraffe. When Nikki makes it to Jason he whispers, “I think we might have just tipped into quirky. I’m sorry.” She laughs and says, “No this is exactly how I always imagined it.” I’m running out of tissues!

Mickey McAnulty and Eden Togwell in “Trying”
Photo: Apple TV+

They hilariously speed through their vows, with Nikki saying a few choice words like “FACE!” Jason surprises her with rings, and after the big smooch Nikki looks at the kids and makes a touching speech. They quick-change into regular clothes, tell Princess and Tyler they’re going to see the judge, and share a group hug. Before I can cry too hard, Freddy interrupts with their wedding present, another muffin basket. And when Nikki and Jason turn to leave, everyone follows them. I’m weak.

In the courtroom with Bev, the judge calls on Jason to confirm his name and he launches into an emotional speech about how the kids have changed his life in 12 weeks. Bev pleads her case against the couple, claiming they’re broke, they drink too much, they don’t make Tyler wear his mittens outside, and Jason “drives erratically, like an Italian!” Nikki argues that they’re nice people and asks Bev why she doesn’t want them to have the kids. “I’ve already lost my daughter. I won’t lose them too,” she replies. Finally, Nikki realizes she doesn’t hate them, she just loves the kids.

Court breaks and Nikki and Bev share a moment outside. Nikki assures her they want her in Princess and Tyler’s lives, but encourages her to follow her heart. When the hearing resumes, Bev has a change of heart. “I think maybe she would want this, my daughter. I think that’s why she called her Princess, because princesses get rescued. Just look after them,” she says. Nikki and Jason walk out of the room in shock. They go on a facial expression roller coasters and silently celebrate before walking outside and raising their arms to applause. Nikki invites Bev to meet everyone, and they share a group hug. I’m A PUDDLE!!!!!!!

Esther Smith and Rafe Spall in 'Trying'
Photo: Apple TV+

Back at home, Nikki and Jason embrace in the kitchen surrounded by Freddy’s muffin baskets. Everyone’s happy, music’s playing, the atmosphere couldn’t be cozier, and Nikki says, “So this is it. The end of the beginning.” They discuss how sad they are not to be starting their next chapter in their apartment, and Nikki grabs a muffin to comfort her, revealing a mysterious set of keys underneath. She tries them on the apartment door and they work, and Freddy appears to say, “We can talk about rent when you have a moment.” I can barely see the screen at this point, my eyes are so blurry. He claims he had money left over from the house sale and needed a revenue stream, but we know he just wanted to do something nice. “See? Not an asshole,” he says as they embrace.

The episode ends with one of Trying‘s famous closing montages. We see Karen writing her book, Scott getting a positive financial update, Freddy volunteering at food shelter, and Bev looking through photos from the wedding. Nikki and Jason are cuddling on the couch in silence when suddenly we hear the word “MOM!” in the distance. Nothing happens, so both Tyler and Princess try again. Nikki perks up, saying, “OH GOD THAT’S ME!” She runs to them and we’re left looking at a smiling Jason.

I mean…a perfect beginning, middle, and end? The Season 3 finale doesn’t waste a single second of screen time. The writers crafted an airtight, relentlessly moving story that’s notably enhanced by signature tear-jerking tunes and the cast’s commitment to displaying emotions that come as close to genuine as possible. One of this show’s many talents is its ability to effortlessly follow earnest moments with humor, which this episode showcases repeatedly and remarkably. It’s an exquisite script that shows a beautiful, overwhelmingly selfless, love-packed day — one of those rare pockets of perfection that restores hope after life’s beaten you down. For three seasons, Nikki and Jason have been trying. And finally, they got a chance to exhale, rest, and revel in the results of their unwavering efforts.

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