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The link between painting and photography has always been close. They’re both art forms, and one practice can influence the other. Some photographers have blended photography and painting, but there’s no brush and paint. Instead, there’s a camera and light. This article looks at some of the best light painting photography in our space.

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Wasyl Art Has Superb Light Painting Photography

Krzysztof Wasylkowski is best known for his work under his alias, Wasyl Art. He combines the human form with sensual energy and splashes high-end light painting all over his frames. To create these splendid portraits, he uses fiber optic paintbrushes, shoots long exposures, and works in the pitch-black darkness of his studio. Check more out here.

Zach Alan’s Light Painting Photography Is Fire!

Zach Alan was one of the first light painting photographers I interviewed for The Phoblographer. I was blown away by his creations as his burning images set my photography world on fire. And fire is an element within his portraits. Always working safely, Alan figured out how he could brighten up his images in a way that few photographers can boast. He explains how he does it, and you can see more of his work here.

Jorge Serra Creates Stunning Light Painting Photography

Jorge Serra’s light painting portraits are like nothing we’ve seen before. His subjects are hardly visable, but there’s enough form of them to know they exist. It’s almost as if the light painting is the main character, and the people are playing a cameo, and we like that. The above image is from a project Serra developed in collaboration with musician City Number Nine. It was for an album cover, with both artists wanting to create something that stood out from the norm. They succeeded, in our opinion, and you can see what they did here.

Jason D Page Did Light Painting Photography for iHeartRadio

Jason D Page is the creator of light painting photography, and he also designed and developed his very own light painting brushes. Back in 2018, Page worked for iHeartRadio, photographing artists for the Wango Tango music festival. Each artist has a unique vibe, and we asked Page how he was able to achieve what he did. “Thankfully Darren Pearson had sketched out numerous ideas for each of the artists! We had a list of artists that were “supposed” to be coming into the booth so we brainstormed on what would work best for each of them.” Check out the creations here.

Nick Murray Shoot Weddings in the Most Unique Way

Wedding photography is known for its clean-cut imagery. However, several photographers have broken that trend over the years and been super creative with their wedding portfolios. Nick Murray is one of those trailblazers. He adds lighting painting to his wedding photography, creating loving memories that are out of this world. What’s more impressive is Murray didn’t do much planning for the above image. The idea came to him on the way and he ran with it. He explains the entire process here.

Adam Pretty Weaved Epic Light Trails

Adam Pretty uses the Panasonic Lumix S5 for his light painting photography. “It is a crazy good camera in a tiny package,” he told us in a recent interview. He used the camera to help him create epic shots of a skateboarder, and the results are some of the best light paintings we’ve featured on the site. His work blends motion and light in a way that holds our attention. Top marks. See more of his work here.

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Lead image by Wasyl Art. All images used with permisson.

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