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Malayalam film Minnal Murali continues to create a buzz weeks after its release on Netflix. A couple that took inspiration from the desi superhero while shooting their ‘save the date’ invite have now given their wedding a Minnal Murali twist too. The couple got married on January 23 and the groom, Amal Raveendran, showed up dressed like Tovino Thomas’ character from the film.

Raveendran was dressed in the red and blue costume as he exchanged garland with the bride. Set in lush green paddy fields in Kottayam district of Kerala, the married couple can be seen running in the video. Many fans tagged Thomas to bring the video to his attention.

Talking to indianexpress.com over phone, Raveendran said the video was shot instantly after wedding as per photographer’s directions. “Our relatives were excited to see me in the costume after the shoot. My cousins had planned to wear superhero costumes on the wedding day. However, due to Covid and related restrictions, they could not attend the wedding. Many people were curious about the wedding after watching ‘save the date’ video,” added the 29-year-old man.

“I am interested in photography and was particular about wedding photoshoots. I did research online and found Athreya Wedding Photography team. I was up for doing quirky content,” Raveendran, who works as a store manager, said.

The bride Anju KH told indianexpress.com that she was familiar with the shooting experience after the save the date video. “I was a bit reluctant during the save the date video shoot. However, it turned out well and we got positive response from friends and family. I was very enthusiastic during the post-wedding shoot. Some of my friends even call me ‘Minnal’,” said the 29-year-old Civil Engineer.


In the viral ‘save the date’, Raveendran enacted the role of a masked superhero who came to Anju’s help amid a distressing situation.

Meanwhile, Kerala Health Department also shared a Minnal Murali spoof to promote vaccination in the state. Replicating the final scene in the movie, the superhero character transforms into Covid vaccine and successfully destroys the virus.

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