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Grant McFarlane from Saltwood Art with his 3.8m carved saltwater crocodile on its way to Weipa.

Lee McCarthy

Grant McFarlane from Saltwood Art has just completed his latest commission piece which is heading to Weipa.

The saltwater crocodile is 3.8m long and made of mostly inland desert hardwoods, beautiful Messmate, Burlwood and Oakwood.

This incredibly talented local Rainbow Beach artist works on commissions creating pieces from wood or stainless steel and each unique piece of art is highly treasured.

Grant is one of those men who doesn’t want any fuss and did not want to be interviewed, however, he was happy for us to show his work.

“The shape, relative arrangement of the wood and general geometry of this piece was challenging but rewarding.

“I feel I am lucky to have the opportunity to represent these magnificent semi aquatic reptiles and to have gained some knowledge and respect that they deserve.“

The photos by Jess McKenzie of Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography perfectly capture the quality of the stunning work.

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