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By Melissa Romualdi.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel officiated a wedding during his late-night talk show.

He surprised a couple from the audience who are both obsessed with the number 2 and wanted to get married on February 22, 2022, or 2/22/22.

After getting engaged last year on Feb. 2, the couple, named Tu and Thu, were planning to tie the knot on this “good date” since it’s their “lucky number,” or as Kimmel described it, “an anniversary they wouldn’t easily forget.”

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The TV host had something else in mind for their two-themed wedding instead of getting married at an Orange County courthouse.

Kimmel revealed a Las Vegas-style wedding chapel, built on his set, and began the ceremony with an opening statement.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here on Taco Tuesday to join Tu and Thu, I mean Thu and Tu, I don’t know which is which, in holy matrimony. Today you are beginning a new chapter,” he said.

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“Do you two Tus take to another to be your lawfully wedded spouses, to have and to hold, together, two-day, two-morrow, and in perpe-two-ity? Say ‘We two,’” he continued.

Kimmel kept rolling the puns with questions like, “Do you two promise to always be too legit to quit, but never too fast or too furious,” and “Do you promise not to sleep in twin beds, even though it would be totally on brand,” and added, “Do you promise never to engage in a threesome because it would be awkward and mathematically asymmetrical?”

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Thanks to the power invested in Kimmel by a “sketchy website,” Tu kissed his bride and the two were married.

The hilarious celebration continued when Kimmel presented the couple with a two-layered Tupac cake.

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