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By Anita Tai.

Lukas Gage is coming clean to Paris Hilton about his party-crashing rumours.

The “White Lotus” actor spoke with the reality star on her March 6 episode of the “This Is Paris” podcast about a party faux pas he recently committed.

After Hilton’s lavish wedding celebration, rumours circulated that Gage actually crashed her party.

“I think the story got a little bit fumbled and maybe exaggerated, but I had a mutual friend that was there at the wedding—and he didn’t tell me that it was a wedding,” he recalled. “He just said, ‘Come to Paris’ party.’”

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The star then “jumped at the opportunity” to meet Hilton who he had “worshipped since [he] was a little kid.” He was a big fan of her 2006 debut album Paris.

“Literally, it’s the best pop album ever made,” he said passionately.

Gage did want to apologize, however, for the “disgusting T-shirt” he wore to the event which he thought was just an after-party.

“I’m the worst for doing that,” he admitted, adding that he would have arrived in a “nice suit” and brought a “gift” if he knew it was her wedding.

“I would have still crashed it,” he teased. “However, I would have done it much more cutely.”

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The reality star laughed and replied, “Well I’m not actually even mad.” She apparently hadn’t noticed him at the bash.

The 41-year-old heiress revealed she was actually a fan of “The White Lotus” and watched it with her husband Carter Reum.

She had found out about his unscheduled appearance at her party during “Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen Live” and said she wished she’d met him that night, reports DailyMail.

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