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Matthew McConaughey reveals the secret to regrowing his hair after more than 20 years, addressing the hair transplant rumors and revealing he has “more hair now than I had in 1999.”

The 52-year-old Hollywood star opened up about his experience with hair loss in the 90s, explaining that he had to buzz off all of his hair. He also talked about it during a recent interview, referencing some of his fan-favorite romantic comedies, “You can go back and look at things like The Wedding Planner and those things; I mean, you’ll see, I was losing.”

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Matthew says he was “fully committed” to regrowing his hair, so he started using a topical ointment for his scalps “once a day for 10 minutes,” adding that it was “no Propecia, no nothing. It was just manual labor.”

“All I can tell you is it came back. I have more hair now than I had in 1999,” the actor said, admitting that he saw a photo from “the millennium party in 2000 in Jamaica, I was looking down laughing and there was a baseball-sized bald spot on the top of my head.”

And while he is not suffering from hair loss anymore, he says he is going to continue using the ointment, “I’m not gonna quit to see if like, ‘Oh, do I need to do it anymore?’” declaring, “I’m not taking that chance.”

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And about the hair transplant rumors, Matthew said he had a conversation with a Beverly Hills doctor, who told him that a surgeon had taken credit for “regenerating” his hair.

The actor detailed the encounter, “He goes, ‘Can I just look at your hair? Can I just feel it, and see? ”I said, ’Yeah man.‘ He goes, ’You don’t have transplants.‘ I said, ’That’s what I said, of course I don’t.’”

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