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Indian weddings are back with a vengeance after the Covid pandemic played a spoilsport in people’s exciting plans. From blockchain ceremonies to metaverse receptions, people have been trying to find unique ways to make their big day special.

This Haryana bride wanted to make headlines for challenging the patriarchy and breaking the stereotypes. Priya Aggarwal made a grand entry to the groom’s house riding a horse. She wore a ‘
sehra‘ (traditional wedding headdress) and carried a sword in her hand during her groom-style entry.

The excited bride led the ‘
baraat‘ (wedding procession), with her father, Narinder Aggarwal, her mother and other relatives in tow.

According to most Indian traditions, it is the groom who takes the wedding procession to the bride’s house.

In a video shared by
The Tribune, the Ambala-based bride said that she was fortunate to make this tradition a part of my wedding. “Most people talk about raising daughters and sons as equals, but my father did it in actions,” she said.

(​Image: The Tribune​)Agencies

The excited bride. (Image: The Tribune)

Her father said that he decide to tweak the traditions to send out a message of change to the Indian parents and families. “Daughter deserve as much love and respect as sons do,” he added.

Talking about her education and career, the law-graduate said it was her father who encouraged her to pursue the field and became an advocate.

Last year in December, a Gaya bride – who is an air-hostess with budget-friendly Indigo airlines – also decided to turn the tables and enter her wedding venue in Bihar, riding a horse.

Meanwhile, last week, India witnessed two unique weddings in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. While the Pune couple exchanged their vows in the presence of a digital priest, the Chennai couple decided to host their wedding reception on a metaverse platform.

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