Colourful retro look is in at Canadian women’s curling championship in Calgary

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Part retro, part modern, all with new colourful hooks and a dash of pizzazz. Uniforms are getting an update at the Canadian women’s curling championship starting Friday in Calgary. The feel of the shirts is the same but they’ll feature a distinct nod to yesteryear with their colour and tone. Provincial and territorial coats of arms and logos will remain and there will be symmetrical mid-arm and side panel piping. Names will be in block letters in an arched banner-style bar on the back. READ MORE: Alberta curlers hoping for COVID-19 training exemption ahead of national championships  Among the […]

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This Lakeview basketball court is getting a colourful extreme makeover

A tear in the court’s chain link fence makes for a unique

A Regina non-profit is hoping to inject new life into a beloved neighborhood basketball court, but they need a bit of help to make it happen. “We want this to be the most iconic court on the Prairies,” said Buckets and Borders co-founder Justin Lee. “And we think it will be.” A tear in the court’s chain link fence makes for a unique. Derek Putz / Global News Justin and his brother Brendan grew up shooting hoops at what is locally known as “the Cage”, an outdoor public court situated behind Sheldon Williams Collegiate. Story continues below advertisement But […]

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