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Celebrity wedding planner Vedika Mohan reveals the hottest wedding trends this season. By Arpita Kala

Excerpts from the interview with Vedika Mohan:

T+L India: What is your take on sustainable weddings?

Celebrity Wedding Planner

Vedika Mohan: Conscious weddings are chosen, not enforced. Wanting to reduce the carbon footprint is something we, as a company and even couples today, are propagating. Whether it’s reusing and repurposing fabrics or donating flowers to NGOs and organisations that can recycle the floral installations used in a celebration, sustainable, conscious weddings are something that we as wedding planners and wedding designers should definitely stand for.

T+L India: Indian weddings have been intimate and sustainable, and that’s become more popular after the pandemic. Do you see this trend last?

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To make weddings eco-friendly, The Wedding Design Company donates used flowers to NGO’s and organisations that can recycle the used floral installations.

Vedika Mohan: Definitely. Couples and families today have become more eco-conscious and the mindset of people is ever evolving. Following the path towards a green wedding is something that’s here to stay.

T+L India: What inspires you the most while planning a wedding?

Dry flowers, foam-free floral arrangements and biodegradable confetti make weddings truly sustainable.

Vedika Mohan: Life, in all forms. From architecture, and romantic novels to fantasy movies, restaurants and museums, the list is endless.

T+L India: Planning weddings is a taxing, creative process. Do you have any de-stressors for rejuvenation?

Vedika Mohan

Vedika Mohan: One of my biggest de-stressers is working out. Another one is binge-watching.

T+L India: And your most memorable moment while planning a wedding was…

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Vedika Mohan: Having planned a sunset wedding and making it to the mandap at sunset to catch the golden-hour light for those beautiful, stunning pictures!

T+L India: What are the hottest wedding trends this season?

Vedika Mohan: Contemporary mandaps, storytelling though food and beverage, and a lot of revenge travel is happening with families now wanting to host destination ones.

T+L India: Finally, what makes a wedding truly sustainable and eco-friendly?

Photobooth by Vedika Mohan

Vedika Mohan: Working with artisans, craftsmen and other such suppliers and their workforce local to the city you’re in. Paperless invites, dry flowers and foam-free floral arrangements, biodegradable confetti.

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