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Jaisalmer: Breaking away from trend of taking out wedding processions (baraat) in helicopters and expensive cars, a groom in Barmer took out his baraat on camels in traditional Rajasthani style.
An engineer, Malesh Rajpurohit fulfilled his grandfather’s wish of following centuries-old tradition of taking out baraat on camels. The baraat from Danji ki Jodi to Mahabar village, covering a distance of 10km on 20 camels was the centre of attraction for the villagers. The groom got married to Seeta Kanwar, daughter of Narayan Singh, a resident of Mahabar. “The baraat reached in two hours. My grandfather and great grandfathers took out their baraats on camels but nowadays people take baraats in vehicles and helicopters. I am happy to fulfil my grandfather’s wish,” said Malesh.
Dal Singh, father of the groom said,
“For us following traditions is a choice. It was my father’s wish to take out our son’s baraat on camels. It is our duty to pass on our traditions to the next generation. Whoever heard about this was full of praise. People especially came to witness the unique baraat.”
“We had been preparing for this event for the last five months. The 20 camels were brought in from Sam. We paid Rs 11,000 for each camel,” he added.

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