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Published: Published Date – 04:10 PM, Mon – 11 July 22

Bharat Prajapat’s Clickography conducts the third of many Clicko Meet-ups to inspire Photographers!

Hyderabad: As a photographer, you feel enthusiastic and lively today but sluggish and demotivated the next day! People often forget to talk about the struggles artists face daily. Among many of those is the absence of finding inspiration. Inspiration drives an artist to create art, art in the form of music, paintings, photographs, illustrations and whatnot!

Bharat Prajapat, one of the leading wedding photographers in India, understands the hardships of photographers in the country and conducted an artist meet-up to uplift photographers in the wedding industry. After organising two successful clicko meets, Clickography accomplished yet another meet adding a jewel in the crown!

Weddings are a thriving industry, and millennials are all to seize the opportunities! The growing community of wedding photographers needed a forum to confer and take provocation from people in the fraternity! Described as the “most spontaneous and fun event ever”, the Clicko meet-up 3.0 didn’t fail to amuse and enlighten the attendees with their interactive workshop! Clicko 3.0, conducted in Pune, witnessed a gathering from all over India. People actively took part in the event and learned a lot!

Having practical exposure and theoretical knowledge, Bharat Prajapat makes the best educator when it comes to wedding photography! Delivering quality and creative weddings for over five years, he is a celebrated name in the industry known for his extraordinary work! He has also been published in renowned magazines like Femina, among many others! Out of his many accomplishments, Bharat is known for Sneha Desai’s pre-wedding shoot and music album of Sabali, a soulful song released by Zee Music Company.

Clickography is now a community of 193k followers and is growing daily! They provide services like pre-wedding films, wedding shoots, music videos, fashion films and many more photography solutions! Known for their quirky and creative perspective on each video they create, they never miss out on adding a traditional touch to it! Delivering the best of wedding films, team Clickography never misses capturing the picture-perfect moment in all your ceremonies, making them just the ideal choice for every wedding!

Overwhelmed with the response their recent workshop Clicko 2.0 received from fellow photographers in the country, Clickography, continuing its legacy, will conduct several other workshops to nurture and motivate young photographers in the country with their one-of-a-kind hands-on workshops and interactive seminars!

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