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By Melissa Romualdi.

Kristen Stewart is “too busy” trying to win an Oscar to even think about planning her wedding.

The actress, who confirmed her engagement to fiancée Dylan Meyer in November, stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday to confess her biggest wedding desire: having Guy Fieri officiate the ceremony.

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“I think he’s totally down,” Stewart shared, explaining how the American restaurateur, known for hosting various television series on the Food Network, has “followed up a couple of times.”

The actress, 31, joked about how she’s so busy “trying to win an Oscar now” that all she’s done for her and Meyer’s special day is “a little bit of dreaming,” noting “I haven’t planned anything.”

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“I’m a food-obsessed person so maybe that is the most important part,” she told Kimmel.

Stewart, who is up for Best Actress for her role as Princess Diana in the film “Spencer”, shared how she broke the news of her nomination to her parents.

Her dad had “a normal reaction,” while her mom was “a little gobsmacked” to say anything about it. She also recalled how her mother was “the one that kickstarted” her acting career.

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Stewart credits her performance in “Spencer” to the Princess Diana wig, noting it’s “the only reason I’m good in this movie.”

The 2022 Academy Awards air Sunday, March 27.

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